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Steps By Steps How To
Top Up and Withdraw On Lucky Town Casino

Here are the steps to top up and withdraw your Lucky Town eWallet casino games on your mobile device once you have familiarized yourself with the process after reading the steps to register Lucky Town here.

Check out the following Lucky Town top-up methods so that you can understand how they work and start playing Lucky Town eWallet casino games and winning.

We will also cover the steps on how to withdraw from your Lucky Town e-wallet after you win the credit to your local bank on the below steps. ​

We hope that you enjoy playing Lucky Town games and that you enjoy the winning process! Wishing you all the best!

Few Steps To Top Up, Withdraw  or Transfer On Lucky Town

Step 1: Login to you Lucky Town App.

Step 2: Click your profile( as "Me" Menu) as show as picture ,  deposit and choose your bank to top up.

Step 3: Click Withdraw choose your bank to withdrawal, before withdrawal process please ensure you have update your bank account and double check to ensure is correct .

Step 4: If you wish to transfer the money or point to your network or friends, choose transfer functions

How To Top Up and Withdrawal For Lucky Town.jpg

Video Steps How To Top Up and Withdraw On Lucky Town

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